The laboratory at Shaili Biotech has 2000 Sq. Mts built up area, which has been divided into many functional areas like, Media preparation, Media filling, Media storage, Laminar flow room and Growth rooms. The annual production capacity of the company is 8 - 10 million plants depends on the crops in production.


Media Preparation


The media preparation area of Shaili biotech is equipped with fully automatic media preparation and dispensing systems coupled with microprocessor controlled autoclave. 225 Lit. of media can be prepared dispensed and autoclaved in one shift ( 8 hr. Shift)

Media Storage


The media storage area can hold approximately 42,000 bottles at a time. Normally the media prepared are stored for a week to check any contamination during the process before it is released for the production.


Laminar Flow Area


In the Laminar Flow area at Shaili Biotech has the capacity to accommodate 26 technicians at a time. The production capacity per shift is 70,000 to 80,000 plants.

  Growth Rooms  

Shaili Biotech has five Growth Rooms with combined storage capacity of 3 3.5 Million plants at a time.

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