Green -House Complex  

Our Green house Complex is situated at Anand about 65km from Ahmedabad, which consists of climate controlled Green Houses, Shade Houses and Agrotechnology Lab.

  Climate Controlled Greenhouse  

1500 Sq. Mts. of Climate controlled green house space is available for hardening of various kinds of tissue culture raised plants.

  Shade House  

We have 20,000 Sq. Mts of Shade House area for the secondary hardening as well rowing of various kinds of plants under insect free conditions.

  Agrotechnology lab  

The agro technology lab is well equipped to carry out leaf, soil and water analysis, based on the analysis our agronomist will recommend the best suitable agronomy practice for any desirable crops.

Agro technology Centre is also equipped with High capacity (5000 Lt./Hr.) Reverse Osmosis system to provide the best quality water for irrigation.

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